Testimonial - William Cole Funerals

I look for convenience when choosing businesses to work with. The Key team willingly deliver coffins and caskets to William Cole Funerals at any time. That makes my business a whole lot easier to manage and gives me more time to dedicate to what really counts - my clients. 

Bill Cole, William Cole Funerals, Belconnen, ACT

Testimonial - Pettigrew Family Funerals

Pettigrew Family Funerals' association with Key Industries goes back a long way. We’ve always appreciated the range and quality of Key Industries coffins and caskets and have never been disappointed with their service. No matter who I talk to in the customer service or dispatch areas I know that Pettigrew Family Funerals' needs will always be attended to promptly and enthusiastically. Nothing is too much trouble for the Key team. 

Kevin Barry, General Manager, Pettigrew Family Funerals, Wallsend, Newcastle, NSW

Testimonial - N J Penhall Funerals

I think Terry must love the drive to Orange for he’s often assisting with deliveries to us! Whilst all Key Industries coffins and caskets are superbly finished we particularly like the range of colours and the polished gloss finish of the Blaxland range.

We also appreciate the advice and service the Key team  provide us when we have a special order. Special orders often require a quick turnaround and one off delivery. To Norman J Penhall Funerals, Key Industries really excel in this aspect of their service to us.