Company Profile

Key Industries was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of cabinets for television and stereos. We now operate from a state of the art, 5,500 square metre factory in Wetherill Park, Sydney and produce a diverse range of some 50 coffins and caskets. Our staff of 65 and some 11 CNC machines, work six days a week to support the demand for highly polished and carefully crafted coffins and caskets. 

Throughout we have managed to combine manufacturing flexibility with the cost effectiveness of specified production. 

Keystone Acoustics

A division of Key Industries, Keystone Acoustics is a nationally regarded producer of acoustic panels. Click here to visit Keystone Acoustics.



Television and stereo cabinets for Sharp Australia are produced from our first factory at Greenacre, Sydney. 


Coffin design and manufacturing using a new CNC machine commences from the new Smithfield factory.


8 CNC machines and a computer controlled beam saw are introduced into the new Wetherill Park factory to support the growing demand for Key Industries coffins and caskets.


A new division, Keystone Acoustics, is created to design, manufacture and market a range of acoustic panels to architects and commercial builders.


11 CNC machines and a staff of 65 now work 6 days a week to support the demand for the highly polished and carefully crafted coffins and caskets of Key Industries.