Our New Website is Key to Service


A business is just like a raising a child. It too goes through expected (and sometimes not quite so expected) development phases.

This year family owned Key Industries celebrates its 50th birthday. We think that we’ve got an interesting story to tell and what better way to do this than by creating a new website to show it.

According to Terry Robbins, owner of Key Industries, “Not many people know that Key Industries started life by machining and assembling television and stereo sets for Sharp Australia. And yes, that first wooden TV cabinet in your parents or grandparents home was probably made by Key.”

It’s only in the last 20 years that Key Industries has focused exclusively on manufacturing coffins and caskets. “We were initially approached to help out an existing Sydney coffin manufacturer and fortunately ended up with the whole business,” admits Terry.

The new website showcases Key Industries’ extensive range of superior quality coffins and caskets, all manufactured to exacting standards. The site also makes it easy for funeral director customers to select products based on specified coffin and casket types eg Flat Lid, Raised Lid, Solid Timber and Craftwood.

“Our new site is designed to help our customers make better purchase decisions more easily. Our service culture of always wanting to go beyond can be seen in the comments from our customers in the testimonial section of the site. And just as we are always looking to the ways we can better our service, we believe the new site will very simply help our customers do better business,” Terry observes.

See the story of Key Industries and view the broad range of products manufactured and sourced for the funeral industry by visiting www.keyindustries.com.au

The products on this website are wholesale only, if you would like to order please contact your local funeral home or crematorium.